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Want to discover some good children's publishing trade secrets?

5-12-2013 8-45-31 PM

Enjoy the free video replay of our visit and Q&A with children’s book author-illustrator and teacher Mira Reisberg, founder of  The Picture Book Academy. In this free 88 minute session, you’ll discover:

  • How children’s book writers can learn to illustrate their picture books and why they should
  • How illustrators can learn to write picture books, too
  • How children’s book artists successfully ply their trade in today’s topsy-turvy publishing marketplace, and you can, too

Mira’s known for her ability to diagnose a children’s book proposal, manuscript, dummy or cover illustration that’s almost there — and suggest the surgery in a way that leaves the creator’s heart intact.

Illustrator Mark Mitchell asks her about her own work as a children’s book artist, her new online class The Craft and Business of Illustrating Children’s Books and other fascinating course offerings of her online school, The Picture Book Academy.

Don’t miss this special presentation!

Illustration art by Mira Reisberg.