Discover How to Easily, Attractively and Successfully Publish your Children's Picture Books to Kindle!

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Rob Smith taught the live version of Building E-Z Picture Books for Kindle online course earlier in the month. Miss it? Now you can access the video version with the class recordings and everything you need to publish your work beautifully to Kindle readers and apps, including Rob’s EZ Picture Book template.

Let Rob take you step-by-step through how to read and understand the basic html “blueprint” of a picture e-book and use it to build your illustrated e-book a right way, using his simple files and free tools that give you swift entry to the world’s largest e-book selling platform. Here’s a message from a student who took the course last week:

Patty Johnson's Kindle book cover

“Hi Rob and Mark,

“Guess what? My book is on Kindle!!!


“Thank you so much for such a wonderful class and for assisting me in seeing my first book published.

–Patty Johnson”

Want to learn more? See Rob’s two previous Q&A presentations or click on the image below.

EZ Picture Books for Kindle keynote slide